2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program

Honors Track

The Honors program is academically more challenging. Working towards the Honors Certificate challenges you to perform at your best. It is limited to students who earn a 3.50 or higher Overall/Honors GPA, and requires the completion of 15 Honors credit hours (three of which must be from IDH2121 – see Broward College course catalog). Taking 15 Honors credit hours provides students with a stimulating and enriching GenEd background and helps prepare them for the challenges they will face when they transfer. Additionally, maintaining the standards of the Certificate program makes students eligible for Honors Term Scholarships to support their studies. The Honors Certificate opens up scholarship possibilities and is an excellent asset on your college resume. While it does not guarantee a transfer scholarship, since other factors such as your GPA are considered, the Honors Certificate may make you eligible for more scholarships at state universities. The Certificate may also be required for you to transfer into Honors programs as a junior at some four year universities. It is an important part of your overall student record which admission counselors will consider. Honors Students successfully transfer to Universities across Florida as well as elite institutions across the country.

Students with high GPA also have the choice of joining the international Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society. This is an advantage for those seeking scholarships when transferring to the American university for years 3 and 4

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