2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program


We have built partnerships with many prominent American universities. Through these partnerships, we facilitate transfers for our students. Through these academic partnerships, we also bring international visiting professors to teach in our programs. Scholarships may also be available through our partner universities. Our current partners for transfer are:

1. Broward College, Florida, USA
2. Concordia College – New York, New York, USA
3. Ball State University, Indiana, USA
4. University of South Florida, Tampa, USA
5.Florida International University, Miami, USA
6.Saint Thomas University, Miami, USA

A few more Universities that rank among the top 200 Universities in the US will be added shortly.


Florida State Universities

Broward College is a state college in Florida, and is part of the state-wide articulation through which students can transfer into the state universities of Florida. The system is designed to help students transfer easily into other Florida universities, with coordinated numbering of courses. Students who do the 2 year Broward College Associate of Arts Degree program in India can also transfer into Florida state universities under the same criteria, with requisite GPA. Some of the state universities of Florida are:

1. Florida State University
2. Florida A&M University
3. University of Florida
4. University of North Florida
5. University of Central Florida
6. University of South Florida
7. Florida Atlantic University
8. Florida International University
9. University of West Florida
10. Florida Gulf Coast University

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