2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program


Our faculty are typically American qualified professors visiting us from other institutions. For a list of our visiting professors, click here

Here is a list of Professors who teach in this program:

Dr. Pedro Oliviera, Professor of Logic
Dr. Sankaran Raghunathan, Professor of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Tai Houser, Professor of English and American Literature
Dr. Erika Martinez, Professor of Economics
Dr. Niranjan Balachandran, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Priyavrat Deshpande, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Swarna Rajagopalan, Professor of International Relations
Dr. Kavita Sutar Deshpande, Professor of Mathematics
Prof. Krzysztof Bryniuk, Professor of Accounting
Prof. Pushpa Krishnaswamy, Professor of Information Systems
Dr. Peter Roundy, Professor of English
Prof. Neeta Milind, Professor of Physical Wellness and Yoga
Dr. Ambar Basu, Professor of Speech Communication
Dr. Lokesh Padhye, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Madhuri Saripalle, Professor of Economics

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