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Broward College is offering the following University level courses in India so that students who are currently studying in any US University can do two courses in India and earn 6 credits during their summer break Transcripts will be awarded by Broward College and therefore you are eligible to transfer these credits toward your program in any US University. These courses will be considered part of your General Education requirement in almost all Universities.

    Courses from the following list will be offered:
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • American Literature
  • Creative Writing – English Composition
  • International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Mathematics - Calculus
    Spend 6 weeks in our classes in India in the Summer (2 sessions of 6 weeks each) to
  • Earn 6 credits of University level courses to be transferred to your University

ENC1101 – English Composition 1 – 3 Credits
A university course in which the student writes expository themes in various modes. Research methods and library skills are introduced and a documented paper is required. This course is designed to develop a student’s composition skills by building on the rhetorical modes/strategies. The course requires students to observe the conventions of Standard American English and create documented essays, demonstrating the student’s ability to think critically and write analytically. Selected readings supplement the course and provide topics for discussion and written assignments. Students use library research methods for primary and secondary sources to produce MLA style-documented and well argued essays and research paper.

AML2020 – American Literature – 3 Credits
Students will be introduced to works which represent the diverse literature emerging from America since 1900. Texts may be selected from major authors such as Hemingway, Faulkner, Frost, Hughes, Millay, Plath, Ellison, Baldwin, Oates, Angelou, and Roth. Upon successful completion of the course students will understand the significant concepts, contexts, movements, figures, and works of American literature in the 20th and 21st century.

Study of the principles and evaluation of critical thinking including identification and analysis of fallacious, as well as valid reasoning. Traditional and symbolic logic will be considered and foundations will be laid for further study in each area.

A cross national analysis of the concepts of sovereignty, power, security, economic development and national interests in the formulation of foreign policy; the respective roles of the United Nations and the European Union within the context of the growth of Intergovernmental Organizations and Nongovernmental actors such as legislatures and interest groups. Study of the utilization of those concepts on policy of both leading nations and the emerging states with emphasis on both conflict issues related to both tangible and intangible causes as well as the cooperative aspects of a more globalized and interdependent economic system.

This course in macroeconomic principles covers basic economic problems and concepts. Topics discussed and analyzed include basic economic problems of unemployment and inflation. Students will recognize the role of households, businesses and governments in the market economy and in their own lives. You will learn about how countries prosper and grow, the relation between interest rates, inflation and job growth, the role of fiscal and monetary policies, comparative advantage, trade policies exchange rates, balance of payments, and other international issues.

This course stressing microeconomic theories will include the theory and application of supply and demand elasticity; theory of consumer demand, utility; production and cost theory including law of diminishing returns; the firm’s profit-maximizing behaviors under market models ranging from pure competition to pure monopoly; the theory of income distribution, among other firm level economic concepts.


US qualified professors from different US universities will be present in India to teach these courses.

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  • Lower your tuition costs in the US
  • Lower your course load in the US when you return
  • Improve your grades
  • Earn a chance to be considered for a scholarship toward your studies in the US
  • Savings in your tuition fees – pays for your trip home
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Last Date for application: Mar 1, 2019

(if you apply before Mar 1, 2019, you are eligible for an early bird discount of $100) Once your application is complete, we will inform you of our decision to admit you. Only 30 seats are available in each session/city.

Program Fee

$2,400 (to be paid directly in the US) upon admission.

Program Dates

  • (Pick any one of the session)
  • Session 1: May 6 - June 21,2019
  • Session 2: July 2 – Aug 16, 2019
  • Each course will be taught over 3 weeks; classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays for 4 hours per day.

Program Location: MUMBAI

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